Adding force during decompression (part 2)

If you have ever been tractioned you’ll have recognized that (depending on your size) even small, incremental additions of force can be quickly perceived. Since we have a variable-extension spring-retraction on the Kdt NF we can make subtle adjustments to the ‘retraction-force’ of the sliding lumbar section and allow the perception of the pull (via table motion) to be enhanced. It is highly recommended that novice-decompression clinicians follow: ’40 pound max/females, 50 pound max/males for the first 1 or 2 sessions to avoid untoward effects…not that they are extremely common but the annoyance of such effects can ruin your day. The spring can be fully tightened prior to treatment and then ‘backed-off’ to allow the patient to better sense the pull and their ‘lower body participation’ (caudal motion) with the pull. When adding force typically the spring should be fully ‘off’ and 5 pound increments then dialed in on the motor. Of course excess caution is never a bad clinical attribute and even though many bigger, male patients will be able to well-tolerate 15-20 additional pounds sticking to the 5 pound rule makes the most sense. As was described in a previous blog; degenerative discs typically show marked thinning of the posterior annular fibers and excessive strain could theoretically “sprain” them.

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