ATI’s and non-celiac gluten sensitivity

The study investigated a relationship between the presence of chronic health conditions outside the bowel and the contribution of a family of protiens found in wheat called amylase-trypsin inhibitors(ATI’s). ATI’s make up about 4% of wheat protiens.
Past studies focused on Gluten and its effects on digestive health this research casts a light on the effects ATIs may play in chronic health conditions such as RS, MS, asthma and others.
The type of “gut inflammation” seen in non-celiac chronic gluten sensitivity differs from that of celiac disease and they don’t believe its triggered by gluten protiens. “We demonstrated that ATI’s from wheat, that are also contaminating commercial gluten, activate specific types of immune cells in the gut and other tissues, potentially worsening the symptoms of pre-existing inflammatory illnesses”.

Maybe there is something to the sedulous chatter regarding: “I feel so much better not eating wheat…but my doctor tells me its all in my head because I don’t have celiac disease”…..

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