Drop-piece adjustment on the Neural-flex

Very few of us need a tutorial on using a drop-piece for pelvic-rotation adjusting. The Neural-flex incorporated a crisp, effective drop-piece into its normal articulating segments last year. The premise was to afford the doctor the ability to adjust relevant PI/AS pelvic rotations (pre or post NOT during the pull) decompression to reduce time and improve office flow. Adjusting is what most patients anticipate Chiropractors will do…though many sessions of course may not include it for a number of reasons. However addressing the pelvis (leg asymmetries/bony landmarks & palpatory findings) via a drop-adjustment affords one more plug-in to captivating and “controlling” the patient. IF an adjustment Pre-or-post decompression (based on chronicity of condition) is given importance in the ROF and continues through the treatment the patient is more likely to recognize your intervention as unique and well-directed to their condition. Creating a compelling clinical sequence regarding the decompression, modalities and drop-pelvic adjustment is one more way of improving retention and addressing the patient’s condition more accurately.

NF drop with blocks

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