Getting into the new patient’s zone (part II)

So practicing ‘charismatic’ attributes and honing the skills needed to ‘close’ a high percentage of new patients are vital for big success. Additionally it seems to me the reason for ultra-high power Lasers (or Lasers of any sort), radiographs, “subluxation-detectors”, “high-tech” adjusting guns, magnetic therapy and all sorts of other “coercive” therapies, tests & supplements is that we’d rather NOT be salesmen…we’d rather be like oncologists, surgeons and engineers; offering indispensable “argue-proof” therapies and in full control of the conversation. The problem is nothing in ‘physical medicine’, diagnosis or treatment is either very reliable or at all valid (not that surgery or shots ARE…but the point is obvious). That many patients’ conditions and their response to treatment is very often ‘tepid’, self-correctable-over-time (with or without treatment) and/or non-responsive is unarguable. So sales-tactics and proper, effective closing-techniques and tests/devices with unique-selling-propositions ARE indispensable for success.

The patient interaction must be one of adding extreme value and that is more often than not by way of “motivation by exaggeration”. What that means (stolen from a famous practice consultant) is that any and all benefits (or perceived benefits) MUST be highlighted & explicated in the best possible light. In this way things like natural-pain-attrition, cyclical symptoms and symptom “switching” can all promulgate the patient’s approbation of care, continuation of care and referral of others. The patient is taught to recognize even mundane changes as part of the treatment and important signs of response. As any of those in practice for 30 plus years realize though this may seem ‘harsh’ it is ultimately the case to build solid retention. Fortunately much of what we do is relevant & effective so we have that on our side.

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