KDT Instructors

Louis D’Amico, D.C.

Dr. Louis D’Amico brings a fresh new dynamic into the new KDT Spinal Decompression seminars with his vast DC/Pharmacy experience in the midst of the opioid crisis for disc pain relief. On top of many successful years of delivering effective, affordable, and available Decompression traction therapy, Dr. Lou has become fond of the use of high power laser therapy. Dr. D’Amico is a Chiropractic Physician and owns a private chiropractic office in Chippewa, PA.

Richard Ross, D.C.

Dr. Ross, a veteran KDT instructor from the early 2000s, brings many years of Spinal Decompression, Laser and Electrotherapy expertise to the newly structured KDT Certification seminars.  Dr. Ross specializes in ATM2 Rehab therapy post decompression patients for long term stability and relief.  Dr. Ross is a Chiropractic Physician and owns a private chiropractic office in Johnstown, PA.

David Bohn, D.C.

Dr. David A. Bohn, graduated from National University of Health Sciences in 1988 and has since been in continuous practice. Since 2004, Dr. Bohn has pursued development of both documentation and x-ray analysis software. He has extensive experience with developing, marketing, and maintaining a successful practice in Lavale, MD.  Dr. Bohn has been utilizing Spinal Decompression in practice since 1999 and has specialized in Shockwave, Class IV Laser, and ATM 2 therapies as well. Over the years, he has learned how to master selling cash services and cost effective marketing that works!

Travis Buffy, B.A.

Travis John Buffy is a 2007 graduate of Shade High School located in a small town called Central City, Pa where he grew up. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing in 2011 from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Travis has been employed by Bryanne Enterprises since 2006 and has gone from performing warehouse duties to a sales rep., then onto becoming the EVP of Sales and Marketing for both Bryanne Enterprises and Mir-Com Products, LLC (KDT Systems and Technique). He enjoys helping doctors help their patients and assisting them in growing their practices. Travis enjoys hunting, fishing, powerlifting, playing pool, and ATV riding.

Vincent Leone, D.C.

Dr. Leone helps doctors create highly effective and profitable niches within their practice. Dr. Vince Leone is a second generation chiropractor who struggled in practice until shifting to becoming a specialist in neuropathy treatment. He subsequently merged his practice with his father’s and they quickly grew it to 7-figures per year in revenue.

Rob Marvenko, D.C.

Consulting and help with your practice is very personal and I understand that your concerns are my number one priority. I established these services that I supply one at time based on the needs that I identified in our profession. When I left my practice I took many things for granted. I was applying tools and workable solutions that I thought were available to everyone. We assist with solutions for getting new patients all the way to how you will exit your practice on top like I was able to do.

After interviewing multiple doctors I identified a need for the services that you will find here.
We have created a variety of different consulting services that teach you how to handle those difficult barriers that inhibit your success.

These services have a proven track record and have been developed over 20 years. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your passion and goals that you have been searching for.

KDT Spinal Decompression Therapy Seminar Training Dates

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