Intradiscal pressure research

Intradiscal  pressure research
In 1994 a study published in the Journal of neurosurgery (Ramos & Martin) demonstrated the disc-pressure effects of prone traction.
It’s important to note 3 particular findings which are relevant to our daily practice protocols.
1. There is an apparent “threshold” distraction tension at (and above) which rapid intradiscal decompression (negative IDP) occurs.

2. Above a certain level of distraction an apparent “inverse-reaction” occurs i.e. the intradiscal pressure begins to rise.
This was approx. 80-100 pounds.

3. The “threshold” distraction-tension that initiated the negative IDP in the patients tested was between 35-40 pounds.

The implications should be obvious;
when recumbent only a minimal tension is needed to create negative IDP.
IF signs/symptoms fail to improve with a minimal force (50-75) but the patient is fully tolerant of traction more force is likely worth a try. However  by the time ~80 pounds (~10 sessions) is reached without positive improvement it may be likely “decompression” will not eliminate the pain.

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