Rehab to ease back pain…

WebMD July 2016 

“If your back hurts Physical therapy can be your ticket”.

“Whatever your needs your physical therapist can come up with a treatment plan to suit your needs”.

“Your therapist may use manual therapy which means “handson” treatments to help ease pain and boost flexibility. It can include:

MASSAGE: increasing circulation, relaxing tight muscles and easing pain in soft tissue.

MOBILIZATION: slow measured movements to twists, push or pull bones and joints into position.

MANIPULATION: your therapists puts pressure on your body with his hands or with a device“.


So there you have it…..Chiropractic performed by 184,000 PTs….endorsed by the AMA and available in every hospital in the country.

So there is your best reason to be awesome….effective….available and affordable! It’s not just rhetoric, our careers are on the line!

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