Why aren’t you trying manual-distraction on your Neural-Flex?

I talk to a lot of clinicians and am amazed how many have seen out ‘manual/direct-contact (hands-on)’ distraction techniques but don’t give it a try. Recently I had a phone conversation with a doctor who tried it after finding little success with her typical decompression procedures. The patient condition seemed to indicate an upper lumbar disc was at issue and 6 prone (and supine) traction sessions had failed to definitively help. The Femoral-stretch test revealed a possible neuro-mechanical issue, as did the SLR, however upon more directed testing and paying close attention to the patient symptoms it became probable L2 was a source (albeit L1-L3 herniations are quite rare overall however these segmental levels are none the less not as rare as contributors to back pain). She discussed this ‘alternate’ treatment plan with the patient and decided to try (3) ‘direct-contact/manual’ distraction sessions. Each session was performed prone-with very slight flexion of the caudle section (patient preference) with 10 minutes of Laser applied initially. The hand contact was typical F/D contact-point with a setting of (8) seconds of pull, (8) seconds of rest. Each pull was 45 pounds (10 pounds rest) for 5-6 minutes (doctor tolerance). The patient response was robust and the evening of the first session reported excellent improvement.    


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