Intermittent cervical traction for neck pain: meta-analysis of recent RCTs.

Yang et al. Spine; July 2017.


These RCTs suggest significantly lower post-traction pain scores vs. patients getting placebo interventions. Short-term benefits are noted however significant differences on longer term follow up did not differ dramatically. It is noted further, less biased studies are necessary to draw firm conclusions of long-term benefits.

It’s important to note that ‘encouragement, ergonomic & postural advice and sensible exercise/fitness suggestions’ are all part of an evidenced-based treatment protocol.

Passive modalities and treatments are meant to stimulate healing and reduce pain-expression and the ensuing discouragement, it is vital to have non-traumatic interventions that can give good short-term relief.

Temporary, short-term relief may be all some conditions will manifest early on….that traction/decompression can improve pain quickly goes a long way to encourage and improve patient compliance so fitness and ergonomic consideration can be added in and compliance improved.


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