Immediate changes in widespread pressure-pain sensitivity, neck pain & cervical ROM after cervical or thoracic thrust manipulation in patients with bilateral cMNP.

Martinez-Segura R et al JOSPT 2012


“The results suggest that cervical and thoracic thrust manipulation induce similar changes in the above findings the changes are small and do not surpass minimal detectable change values. Since no control group was used placebo effects cannot be ruled out”.



Lack of efficacy of manual therapy in children with suspected cervicogenic headache.

Borusiak P et al. Headache 2010


 “We did not find a significant difference comparing cervical spine manipulation in 52 children.


A randomized controlled trial of exercise & manipulative therapy for cervicogenic headache.

Jull G et al.

Spine 2002.

Conclusion: “There were no differences in HA-related characteristics between the groups at baseline. At 12-month follow-up both groups had significantly reduced frequency and intensity. The combined-therapies was not significantly superior to either therapy alone.


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