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Reporting of rehabilitation intervention for LBP in RCTs: Is the treatment replicable?

Gianola S et al Phys Ther 2016 An interesting and imperative study especially pertinent to those who ‘study studies’ regularly. The authors note that less than 1/5th of studies on rehabilitation of LBP would be “replicable clinically”. The percent of studies providing full essential information on interventions was 14% thru 1980 and only 20% thru […]

Evidenced-based, Science-based, Profit-based care

The expression “I’d rather be rich than famous” rings far truer to those over 40 and self-employed than other populations. Most of us strive to build wealth using our vocation and a network of people who can facilitate that end….as such “fame & notoriety” tend to go, at least partly, hand-in-hand with wealth. As Zig […]

Interesting study on fluoroscopy and intervertebral-motion (IV-RoM)

Does IV range-of-motion increase after spinal manipulation? A prospective cohort study.  Branney J et al Chiropractic and Manual therapies 2014Conclusions: “The study found NO differences in cervical IV-ROM between non-specific neck pain patients and matched controls. There was a modest dose-response relationship between the number of manipulations given and number of levels increasing IV-RoM, suggesting […]

Immediate changes in widespread pressure-pain sensitivity, neck pain & cervical ROM after cervical or thoracic thrust manipulation in patients with bilateral cMNP.

Martinez-Segura R et al JOSPT 2012Conclusion:“The results suggest that cervical and thoracic thrust manipulation induce similar changes in the above findings the changes are small and do not surpass minimal detectable change values. Since no control group was used placebo effects cannot be ruled out”.  Lack of efficacy of manual therapy in children with suspected cervicogenic […]

Crazy traumatic cervical injury

Crazy traumatic cervical injury….asymptomatic (excepting mild stiffness & torticollis) without neurological signs or symptoms. Surgery WAS done but entrance findings were minimal without clear indicators of “what lies beneath“.Not sure what it means….but radiographs after trauma may not be a frivolous idea.

Rehab to ease back pain…

WebMD July 2016 “If your back hurts Physical therapy can be your ticket”.“Whatever your needs your physical therapist can come up with a treatment plan to suit your needs”.“Your therapist may use manual therapy which means “hands–on” treatments to help ease pain and boost flexibility. It can include:MASSAGE: increasing circulation, relaxing tight muscles and easing pain […]

RCT comparing spinal manipulation, Graston and Placebo for thoracic spine pain.

Chiroprac Man Ther May 2016. This Australian study with 140+ patients was based on determining whether manipulation or Graston technique had a discernible benefit vs. placebo (nothing) in a randomized controlled setting. The conclusions not surprisingly showed no benefit at “any time point” vs placebo for thoracic spine pain. It was noted this was the first […]

Prone traction for ‘irreducible’ disc problems (2010)

This interventional study (which we discuss online) demonstrates that when an extension directional preference is NOT apparent an irreducible disc and potential nerve root irritation or compression may be a cause. The patient is extended (in this case 10 times)…non-response or peripheralization of leg-symptoms can be a valid clinical clue. When NO facilitated motion can […]

Effects of individualized directional preference management with advice vs. advice alone for reducible discogenic pain.

Man  Ther  Jun; 2016 This interesting study (secondary analysis of a RCT) assessed whether DP guided management (10 sessions with a PT) and advice was more effective than advice alone (2 sessions) in a group of patients with back & leg pain. The conclusion suggests those with reducible disc lesions are helped more thru 10-weeks […]